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the origins of minidisc
how to buy into the product
and what to buy
plus where now?

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the Sony MZ-E30the Pioneer PMD-R3 Now if you too want to join the world of MiniDisc then my advice (which I'm sure you really rather not have, but hey...) is to start by buying a personal recordable MiniDisc player. In the portable stakes there are two types of MiniDisc players, playback only (like the ones left) and recordable (like the one right), it's the recordable ones that I'm on about. Buying this way is probably the cheapest option because it lets you use MiniDisc on the go; record all your favourite albums; listen to MiniDisc through whatever system you have at home (or where ever) with sound booming out of your speakers; and finally through your ICE (car stereo) by using a simple in-car adapter. It's most likely that the player will come available with the cables you need to do this (except for the car bit), although it does vary (but they're only a couple of quid anyway). Plus it depends on your system at home. Check that your existing stereo has a line-out for recording and line-in for playback (or if not a headphone socket can be used for recording), also whether it has an optical plug for digital recording (although this is not essential). The line-in/out is the simplest method, with the optical allowing for digital copying (no actual difference in sound quality if your other leads are good) which is even easier as it copies the track marks (were every track starts/ends, otherwise you do it manually). The headphone socket also allows for easy recording off nearly any stereo. Now this might seam a little complicated, but it's not- just don't worry about it.

The other way to buy into MiniDisc is to delve into the deep end by purchasing a new hifi with MiniDisc, or add a separate MiniDisc player, and then get a really nice tiny personal MiniDisc player (ie. one that doesn't record), and if you've got a car, buy a new ICE system that includes this titchy new format. Then you can take advantage of its portability and cut new discs, plus you can listen to MiniDisc in your car- great but expensive.

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