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the origins of minidisc
how to buy into the product
and what to buy
plus where now?

Sony MZR50
Sharp MS 701/2

Mini Reviews
Awia AM-R10
Panasonic SJ-MJ70
Panasonic SJ-MR100
Sharp MS722
Sharp MT821
Sony MZR55

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So you're hocked? (probably not, but for the sake of this lets say you are). Now you'll be wondering what to buy. Well I can give you a bit of advice on that. Here there are reviews of two different personal recordable players and mini reviews of various other palyers too. Now these are no way the definitive players that exist. But just reviews of some that are sold in the UK (well, not all the ones featured in the mini reviews anyway) and nearly everywhere else today. For much much more information and a list of nearly all the MiniDisc players that exist (portable/ separate/ systems) check out The MiniDisc Community Page. It really is great (more links are avaiable here).

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