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the origins of minidisc
how to buy into the product
and what to buy
plus where now?

Sony MZR50
Sharp MS 701/2

Mini Reviews
Awia AM-R10
Panasonic SJ-MJ70
Panasonic SJ-MR100
Sharp MS722
Sharp MT821
Sony MZR55

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the Sharp MS701/2

Looks and Useability
Playback and Sound
Recording and Editing

this is the 701...

Dimensions 87 x 29.4 x 81.5 mm
Weight 216 g (with battery)
Inputs/outputs Line in, optical in, mic in, headphone
Features Bass, Repeat 1/all, shuffle, Backlit LCD remote, 10 sec anti-shock, Double speed playback, name stamp
Recording Mono rec, synchro rec
Editing move, combine, divide, erase track, erase disc, track name, disc name
Battery Life Rec Play
Lithium ion rechargeble 3.5 hrs 5 hrs
2xAA 4 hrs 8 hrs
Both 7.5 hours 13 hours

Sorry, no review yet, but here's a few more pics to keep you happy.

the remote emits a cool blue glow...and this is the 702; it's all a matter of tasteHere's the remote control,
which shows all the info you've
wanted, plus the LCD lights
up in the dark, great

And here's the 702, exectly
the same but modeled slightly

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