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the origins of minidisc
how to buy into the product
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Sony MZR50
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this Panasonic is the smallest MD yet
Dimensions 71.7 x 79.7 x 14.5mm
Weight 94g (with battery)
Inputs/Outputs Headphone
Features Magnesium alloy body, Back-lit remote. 40 sec anti-shock, window on body reflects blue when no disc inserted, or becomes see through when disc present- "magic mirror"
Recording Playback only
Editing N/A
Battery Life Rec Play
NiMH N/A 16 hrs
1xAA N/A 20 hrs
Both N/A 40 hours

Only just become available in Japan (released 1/99) this is currently the world's smallest and lightest playback only personal MiniDisc, being the first to break the 100g mark. It's titchy, it's sexy, and uses the cool magic mirror, which reflects blue with no disc, and magically becomes clear when a disc is inserted. It will be a while though, before this comes out in the rest of the world, but hey there's always that mail order.

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