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the AWIA AM-R10

the AM-R10 is one of the few MDs to also have a tuner
Dimensions 80.9 x 97.8 x 26.4mm
Weight 255g (with battery)
Inputs/Outputs Headphone
Features World wide AM/FM tuner, Jog dial, double speed playback, backlit remote, repeat 1/all, shuffle
Recording Playback only
Editing N/A
Battery Life Play Tuner
Lithium ion rechargeble 7 hrs 11 hrs
3xAA 19 hrs 33 hrs
Both 26 hours 45 hours

What's interesting about this player is that it comes with a built in tuner along with all the other normal features. Its jog dial allows for track and radio selection, but the rest of the buttons are pretty titchy. However it's only available in Japan, but it is one of the best(/only) personal MiniDiscs that come with a radio that's handily world-wide, so go on import it.

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