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the SHARP MT821

the MT821 is one of the best looking MD's yet...
Dimensions 82.5 x 20.7 x 77.9mm
Weight 177g (with battery)
Inputs/Outputs line in, optical in, mic in, headphone
Features 40 sec anti-shock, X-Bass (3 settings), backlit LCD remote, repeat 1/all, shuffle, handstrap
Recording Mono rec, synchro rec
Editing move, combine, divide, erase track, erase disc, track name, disc name, name stamp
Battery Life Rec Play
Lithium Ion rechargeble 8 hrs 11.5 hrs
1xAA 3 hrs 6.5 hrs
Both 11 hours 18 hours

Sharp have made another cracker of a player; in my opinion the best looking MiniDisc yet (especially if you've seen it in blue; it's also available in black). This time it's the evolution of the Sharp MS722 clocking in at 20% thinner than the previous model and with 28% less volume. They've done this by changing to the clam shell design and ditching their slot-in mechanism (however we haven't seen the last of it). The remote is the same as the previous model though, but hey it's still a decent back-lit remote with the buttons/jog switch (to scan for tracks) scattered around its side. But unlike the previous models this time the Sharp can be operated while your recharging it. Now this player is a seriously nice bit of kit, with a brilliant build quality and (in my opinion) like all Sharps, with easy recording methods. Its sound quality is good, but (people say) not 'just' as good as the competing Sony MZR55 with a bit too much treble. Also it should be noted that when increasing the volume over 25 (it goes up to 30) the player takes control of the bass, and automatically decreases it to stop distortion- this is more an annoyance than a helpful feature. Nevertheless this is one cool player that I would recommend it.

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