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the origins of minidisc
how to buy into the product
and what to buy
plus where now?

Sony MZR50
Sharp MS 701/2

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Panasonic SJ-MR100
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Sony MZR55

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the SONY MZR55

the tiny cute MZR50
Dimensions 78.9 x 18.9 x 84mm
Weight 190 (with battery)
Inputs/Outputs line in/out, optical in, mic in, headphone
Features 40 sec anti-shock, backlit LCD remote "stick controller", repeat 1/all, shuffle, maga bass (2 settings)
Recording Mono rec, synchro rec (optical only)
Editing move, combine, divide, erase track, erase disc, track name, disc name
Battery Life Rec Play
NiMH 2.5 hrs 4 hrs
2xAA 5 hrs 10 hrs
Both 9.5 hours 16 hours

This new Sony was until recently the smallest and lightest personal recordable MiniDisc player available (being 'undertaken' by the new Panasonic). It's 25% smaller than its predecessor the Sony MZR50 and like it comes available in three colours; blue, yellow and gold. It's got loads of advantages over the R50 beside its size. The remote's backlit with a longer character display, and editing buttons feature on it as well. Discs can be titled while recording is in process and the clamshell opens via a button, rather than the slider. However on the minus side is the battery life (although an upgrade can be brought) and the fact that despite what it might say in the manual, it can not be charged while in use like previous models could. Nevertheless a very desirable player.

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