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the origins of minidisc
how to buy into the product
and what to buy
plus where now?

Sony MZR50
Sharp MS 701/2

Mini Reviews
Awia AM-R10
Panasonic SJ-MJ70
Panasonic SJ-MR100
Sharp MS722
Sharp MT821
Sony MZR55

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Last updated 08/02/00

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a show case into the latest mini medium that you know you want...

Welcome to the Minidisc. The place that tells you all about the greatist recordable medium that exists (well miles better than tape anyway). Find out about where it came from, and how, what and where to buy into the product. There's full reviews of the
Sony MZR50 and Sharp MS701/2, and vital stats of some of the best personal playeres that exist. Hope you enjoy; and feel free to sign my guest book or give me any feedback (and if you get bored, check out my links and the web ring)


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