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the Sony MZR50

Looks and Useability
Playback and Sound
Recording and Editing


the clam-shell design in actionSo this is what really matters, the sound quality. Previous Sony models have feel out here slightly, but this one sounds great. The hissing problems that sometimes occurred, and distortions at high levels of volume have (generally) both disappeared to leave a clear clarity of sound. The volume goes high enough to cater for most people, but never through the roof- so don't expect sound breaking decibels especially if your use to really loud music. The two levels of bass selection can help cater for your music tastes, but again aren't the highest I've heard (and can distort slightly at high volume levels at the highest settings on bass heavy music). Overall though, there isn't really too much to fault. Although I will mention that on a very few selected certain discs, there is a certain squeaky 'sss' on the s sounds when turned to the highest volumes, which did kinda annoy me. However this was only with the supplied headphones (and remember this is only my opinion, listen to any player yourself, preferably with some of your own music before buying).

On the other features it also has a 40 seconds electronic shock memory, meaning its (well to me) virtually unjogable. It also includes Sonys AVLS or Auto Volume Limiter System which in my opinion is pretty useless, because (to state the obvious) if you want quieter music you turn the volume down. Besides who ever used it anyway? On the ATRAC front (which is the compression format that MiniDiscs use) the R50 uses Sony's own version v4.0, now this wont mean little to most, but its just a later, so better version.

Looks and Useability
Playback and Sound
Recording and Editing

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